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Your online community is growing, and your visitors are starting to experience issues you've never witnessed before. Maybe pages are starting to load noticeably slower. Perhaps they are frustrated by searches timing out. Maybe you've amassed a sizable moderating staff and you're beginning to worry about system abuse.

If your community runs on vBulletin software, AdminGeekZ can significantly impact your site's operability and security. Our customers most commonly take advantage of our search optimization services, allowing searches to index deeper and return faster. We handle offloading search functionality for load balancing as well. As our customers' communities become more valuable, they often turn to us for help with minimizing potential damages that could result from password loss or compromise.

AdminGeekZ specializes in zero-downtime, zero-data loss migrations. We have developed our own methods for gracefully shifting data and Web services from one server to another, often without visitors knowing a transition has ever taken place.

AdminGeekZ also performs zero-downtime community migrations. We have moved communities with 3,000+ concurrent online users, without data loss or database disconnect.

Contact AdminGeekZ to discuss the state of your vBulletin online community. Let's see how we can make your community run smoother, faster and better for you and your members.

Choose Your Service Type...

  • Webmasters: concentrate on running your site; we'll concentrate on running your server
  • Adult Webmasters: server speed and performance are critical to your business
  • Ecommerce Sites: AdminGeekZ is your insurance policy against downtime/lost business
  • vBulletin Forums: large forums can become difficult to keep online, AdminGeekZ specialises vBulletin setups, management, optimization and migration

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