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If you want to utilise DigitalOcean's cloud service platform, you have to set up your private virtual machine (PVM), also referred to as a “droplet”. Deploying a DigitalOcean droplet requires precise configuration of the virtual machine. That is where the DigitalOcean management services of AdminGeekZ come into play.

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Digitalocean Management Services
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Our experts have been working with DigitalOcean infrastructure since the early days of the cloud service provider. You can count on our team to handle everything from picking the right droplet for your business to its deployment and ongoing management.

Our processes allow us to monitor our client's DigitalOcean droplets 24/7 and make tweaks to ensure uninterrupted access.

If you currently use any other hosting or cloud platform for your website, AdminGeekZ can also migrate your existing workloads to a dedicated DigitalOcean droplet. Once we correctly set up your DigitalOcean droplet, our team will manage the software updates, backup monitoring, fix errors, and handle threats to ensure round-the-clock access to your resources.


Why our DigitalOcean management services are right for you?

Not sure why you should outsource your DigitalOcean management to our experts at AdminGeekZ? Here are some benefits your business can receive from using our service

Our expert team has extensive experience with most popular stack choices, including LAMP, LEMP and MEAN. We can help you choose the right stack for your business and deploy it on your DigitalOcean droplets.

We can assist in all areas from common tasks such as troubleshooting nginx, CORS, SSL, deployments issues to setting up database clusters, load balancers, migrating your existing workloads to digitalocean and providing 24/7 management and monitoring services for the entire enviornment, and more.

Our DigitalOcean management services are meant to serve as a barrier against downtime for your DigitalOcean infrastructure.

We understand that technical issues and errors can arise without warning. Therefore our DigitalOcean experts are available 24/7 to handle any emergency maintenance to ensure constant uptime.

Our team monitors your DigitalOcean droplets and optimises them for maximum performance. We monitor metrics such as performance, the health of your apps, resource utilisation, and security of your DigitalOcean infrastructure.

DigitalOcean servers going down is the worst-case scenario for a business that relies on its online platforms to make money. It requires in-depth knowledge and a proactive approach to prevent downtime before it happens in the first place.

Hire digitalocean experts

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Got a server headache you can't shake? We've got your back. Beyond our regular DigitalOcean management services, we're here to offer you a helping hand with one-time technical support. Running into trouble with performance, security, deployment, or those tricky LEMP/LAMP stack issues? We're on it. And here's some great news: from Apr 1st to May 31st, 2024, we're rolling out a sweet deal. Snag a 20% discount off our usual $175/hour rate. Just mention the code DIGITALOCEAN-20 when you reach out to us. The best part? We typically iron out most issues within an hour. Let's get your servers running smoothly again!

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Quick and Effective One-Time Solutions

At AdminGeekZ, we're not just about ongoing support; we're also experts in one-time tasks. Most customer issues are efficiently resolved within 1-2 billable hours. Whether it's a routine system performance issue or a more complex 20-30 hour project, we're ready to tackle your specific challenges swiftly and effectively. Contact us with your issue, and meanwhile, take a look at some examples of the diverse one-time jobs we've successfully handled for our clients.

Server Log Monitoring

Developed a monitoring system for web server error logs with integrated Slack alerts, tailored to trigger under specific conditions, ensuring immediate response and system integrity.

AWS Security Audit

Comprehensive one time security audit of a compromised AWS account, implementing measures to prevent initial breach sources, setting up billing alerts, and enabling CloudTrail and billing alerts for ongoing monitoring. with billing alerts and CloudTrail monitoring.

WordPress Automation

Designed an automation suite for efficient WordPress site provisioning, including the latest plugin setups, caching mechanisms, SSL configuration, and seamless integration with Mailgun and Cloudflare.

Datacenter Emergency

Provided critical engineering support during an emergency at a large EU data center, developing automated systems to expedite recovery, provided general troubleshooting, assisted with database restorations, and identifying priority customers from billing databases.

WordPress Optimization

Identified and resolved a performance issue in a WordPress website caused by a custom plugin making excessive remote calls, improving site loading speed and user experience. Resolving the root cause allowed the customer to downgrade hardware, saving costs.

Application Relaunch

Supported a startup in relaunching their redesigned SaaS platform, providing on-demand engineering expertise in Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL performance, integration with third-party services (Adyen, Stripe,, implementing auto-scaling and cost control measures.

Gaming platform availablity issues

Provided comprehensive solutions to a Minecraft website facing ongoing DDoS attacks, strengthening their system and Cloudflare environment and creating custom detection and migration tools for attack mitigation.

Ecommerce redirects

Created custom Nginx rules in Lua for complex redirect scenarios for an e-commerce sales tracking application, improving accuracy and efficiency in sales attribution.

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DigitalOcean Droplet Optimization

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Digitalocean security services

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