Cloud Services

Cloud computing is the future, and 67% of enterprise infrastructure has shifted to the cloud. You are missing out on cost benefits and efficiency if you aren't leveraging the cloud to house your data, web apps, or websites. Even though cloud storage is reliable, it still requires effective management to benefit from cloud infrastructure in the long run fully.

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Cloud Support Services
Cloud Support Services

AdminGeekZ offers Cloud Services that are custom tailored to meet every business’s needs.

Whether you need help to migrate to the cloud from your existing infrastructure or you need help managing your resources on specific cloud computing platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Vultur, and more. Our cloud experts at AdminGeekZ can provide complete cloud support services to help businesses make the most of their switch to cloud computing.

Once you outsource your cloud management to us, you can rest assured that our experts can handle all your cloud needs. You will never have to find another cloud service once you start working with AdminGeekZ.

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Why are our Cloud Services right for you?

Our cloud management services are designed around the needs of small to medium businesses. Here are some reasons our Cloud management services are right for your cloud infrastructure

Flexible cloud management services

Flexible service model

You don't have to outsource every aspect of your cloud management to AdminGeekZ. Our flexible service model lets you pick the functions you want to outsource. Some common cloud-related functions businesses outsource to us include cloud migration, cost control, optimization, and troubleshooting.

Expert support services

Effective communication

Effective communication between you and our cloud experts ensures that all your cloud needs are met. AdminGeekZ maintains strong communication with their customers at all times to facilitate them with any technical support and guidance regarding their cloud infrastructure.

Cloud cost controls

Cost benefits

AdminGeekZ can help you optimize your cloud resources so you don't pay for unused infrastructure. We charge a fixed monthly fee for routine cloud management and maintenance, so you always know how much you spend on your cloud infrastructure each month.

24/7 Cloud Support Services

Access to cloud experts

Our cloud experts are on call 24/7 to assist you. Normally you would have to hire and train an in-house IT team to get the same level of expertise. When working with AdminGeekZ, you get your cloud managed by industry experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house staff.

What solutions can you get under our Cloud services?

Cloud Infrastructure Support Services
Cloud support

Once you have shifted to the cloud, the next step is ensuring ongoing support for your apps and cloud infrastructure.

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Cloud Migration Services
Cloud migration

Migrating from traditional computing to cloud computing can be the push your business needs to break the growth ceiling.

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Cloud cost control services
Cloud cost controls

One of the key benefits of using cloud infrastructure to host your business's web resources is cost reduction.

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AWS Management Services
AWS management services

Establishing infrastructure management processes and maintaining data privacy and security require a team of skilled IT experts.

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Google Cloud Management Services
Google Cloud management services

Google Cloud Platform is a comprehensive service that requires a certain level of expertise to manage properly.

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Digitalocean Management Services
DigitalOcean management services

Deploying a DigitalOcean droplet requires precise configuration of the virtual machine. That is where the DigitalOcean management services of AdminGeekZ come into play.

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Vultr management services
Vultr management

Despite being a powerful platform, Vultr infrastructure is known for its complexity. You need advanced knowledge to manage your Vultr infrastructure.

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Linode management services
Linode management

If you want to migrate your web apps to Linode but find the process complex, then AdminGeekZ has a solution.

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