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Backup Management

Backing up large amounts of data using traditional methods requires elaborate data storage systems and a dedicated team of IT experts. That is where the completely hands-off Backup management services by AdminGeekZ come into play.

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AdminGeekZ Backup Management Services
AdminGeekZ Backup Management Services

We provide affordable yet reliable Backup management services to businesses operating on a tight budget.

We understand that each company has its own unique data backup requirements. That is why we implement cloud backup solutions that match your business's budget, backup duration, and redundancy requirements.


Why our Backup Management services are right for you?

At AdminGeekZ, we understand how important your business data is to you. Here are some reasons why our Backup management services are an excellent fit for you

As your company grows, your backup requirements also grow. When you are working with AdminGeekZ, we can always allocate more storage infrastructure to meet your growing backup requirements. Or we can suggest the best course of action to meet your growing backup requirements for your in-house backup real estate making scalability easier.

Another reason our Backup management services are suitable for you is that we provide cushioning against data loss. We monitor your backup data's integrity 24/7 and fix errors in real-time as a part of our data loss prevention efforts.

Our team continuously improves and optimises the security protocols and monitors data security. We provide regular security updates regarding your backup and notify you before we make any significant changes that may impact data availability for short durations.

Solutions provided under our Backup Management services

Data Security Services

Data security

Regular recovery tests

Regular recovery tests

Real time error fixing

Fixing errors in real-time

Backup monitoring

Monitoring your backup's integrity

Custom Backup Solutions

Custom Backup Solutions

Flexible backup duration

Flexible backup duration

Cloud backup solutions

Cloud Backup Solutions

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