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Customer Testimonials

AdminGeekZ encourages communication between clients and our dynamic team which is one reason why we are so successful. Add our technical experience and professionalism and our results speak for themselves.

Here are some testimonials provided by our clients, testifying to the professional and quality service we offer.

Andre Dedeyan said:

"I was introduced to AdminGeekZ as I was in need of server administration and general consultancy. I was very impressed with our initial encounter and promptly signed up for their services.

This was the best decision I have ever made. These guys are professional in every possible way. Their technical ability surpasses any amateur I have previously come across on the Internet. AdminGeekZ treat my websites and servers with exceptional care. They take action on a personal initiative to patch security vulnerabilities and secure every aspect of my operation. Such dedication is not common place in this day and age, where quality service is sadly predominated with get rich quick mentalities.

My websites are my life's most precious investment and I want them to be safe and secure at all times. I sleep easy knowing that they are in good hands and with the right people who treat me as part of their team and show better care to my own sites than even myself. If you truly value your investment, don't look further."

Andre Dedeyan

Alisa Prado said:

"If you look for reliability, hard work and highest competence in the industry - AdminGeekZ should be your choice, learn from our mistakes.

We have dealt with 2 other linux administrative companies, one of which is a well known company, but at the same time very unprofessional, they did not know what they were doing and more importantly, they did not care about us, customers and our business.

Our server, with multiple websites, one of which has over 200 000 members, requires a lot of special attention, professionalism and dedication. Other companies promise a lot to begin with but don't deliver later on, with AdminGeekZ, we finally know what it means to have peace of mind and to sleep at night.

AdminGeekZ have an outstanding knowledge of server administration. In all cases, they have shown us their commitment to us and to a quality of service. And on multiple occasions, they have went above and beyond what was required to do."

Alisa Prado

Candi Best said:

"I hired AdminGeekZ to implement some stringent anti-spam measures on my servers, and it was so successful that dozens of my clients emailed me and actually thanked me for relieving them of their incoming spam issues!

I'd been trying to fight it myself to no avail, and they had it taken care of in less than an hour. AdminGeekZ did such an amazing job that I immediately asked them to do several other things, and I have been enormously pleased with the fantastic service, uncommon professionalism, and incredibly fast response time - not to mention the dramatic improvements in my server's performance. I can't thank them enough!"

Candi Best

Tony Reid said:

"A short testimonial like this does not do justice to the high level of professionalism, quality and technical performance that the AdminGeekZ team have demonstrated to us time and time again.

From complete server rebuilds, to performance tuning we have truly put AdminGeekZ to the test, and they passed with flying colors. There is no doubt in my mind that no matter what challenge I may have in the future AdminGeekZ will be there with the skills and knowledge to solve it quickly and effortlessly."

Tony Reid

Marc T. Smith said:

"Keeping a web site for Quality Assurance professionals online is tough enough without down time or other problems. AdminGeekZ migrated my site, including the vBulletin forum database, to a new server with absolutely no down time or interruption.

Over the last 12 years I've had to migrate my site several times as it has grown. I have never before experienced such a trouble free, transparent migration. I highly recommend AdminGeekZ."

Marc T. Smith

Cynthia Mosher said:

"The service we receive from AdminGeekZ is outstanding. They are aware of issues with our server before we are and quickly address whatever arises, emailing us to let us know what occurred, what the cause was, and how it was corrected. When I do need to submit a support ticket I get a response almost immediately. I cannot recommend AdminGeekZ enough!"

Cynthia Mosher

If you are an existing client with AdminGeekZ and would like to share your experience, or if you would like to make suggestions to improve our service, please contact us.

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