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Server Migrations

One of the most troublesome activities a Web site owner can undertake is the migration of a site from one server to another, particularly sites that are large in size and/or populated with dynamic content (online communities, photo albums, blogs, etc.).

It is not uncommon for such migrations to result in substantial periods of downtime, loss of data, or both. A migration may take days to complete and may result in substantial revenue loss or visitor drop-off.

AdminGeekZ specializes in zero-downtime, zero-data loss migrations. We have developed our own methods for gracefully shifting data and Web services from one server to another, often without visitors ever knowing a transition has ever taken place.

You didn't build your Web presence, your traffic or your online business by accident, and server migration is no time to introduce accidental downtime or data loss to your site.

Why leave your success to chance? Let AdminGeekZ take the risk out of your server migration.

What ever your needs are, you can be sure AdminGeekZ will be able to meet them. Our staff are dynamic in their work, from troubleshooting to disaster recovery, project management to infrastructure design, kernel and scripting security.

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