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Every second of downtime is money lost

The greatest fears for most eCommerce Webmasters and site owners are the threat of downtime and customer data being compromised. Site owners of all types value uptime and security. But for eCommerce site owners, these concerns take on a whole new level of importance.

An eCommerce site going down is like a retail business arbitrarily closing its doors in the middle of the day. It's like a dentist stopping halfway through a root canal for a few hours, your trash collector skipping your house for a week or your car breaking down on the highway for no good reason. It disrupts business, it upsets both current and potential customers, it breeds distrust in your products and services and it creates backlog and numerous administrative headaches.

Loss or compromise of customer personal and financial data carries with it an even more punishing sentence - the possibility of complete, irreversible business failure.

You owe it to your customers, your bottom line and your peace-of-mind to partner with AdminGeekZ. We are your proactive insurance policy against lost customers, lost time and lost revenue.

AdminGeekZ Primary Services:

Security Audit - We provide custom security audits to ensure your system has many levels of protection, from firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS) to kernel security.

Up to two Servers - Our prices include handling up to two clustered servers. Please contact us to discuss pricing for three or more servers.

Monitoring - Our service monitoring ensures you won't be caught off guard by faulty or failing Web services.

Proactive Updates - An outdated operating system or service is an invitation for trouble. We make sure trouble never gets the opportunity to strike by updating your server proactively.

Choose Your Service Type...

  • Webmasters: concentrate on running your site; we'll concentrate on running your server
  • Adult Webmasters: server speed and performance are critical to your business
  • Ecommerce Sites: AdminGeekZ is your insurance policy against downtime/lost business
  • vBulletin Forums: large forums can become difficult to keep online, AdminGeekZ specialises vBulletin setups, management, optimization and migration

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