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There is no such thing as too fast...

...nor is there such a thing as too reliable when it comes to having the optimal hosting environment for your adult sites. Speed comes from two sources:

  1. well written scripts that handle queries quickly and efficiently, and
  2. well configured Web services.

If you are an adult Web site developer, you probably concentrate most on efficient scripting. If you are an adult site/network owner or if you are serving your content using off-the-shelf scripts, you are concentrating your efforts on marketing, bringing in visitors and converting them into customers.

Lack of expertise or time may prevent you from concentrating on your server health, and this is where AdminGeekZ can be a critical part of your success. We handle monitoring, server configuration, updates and security so you can manage your business with confidence!

AdminGeekZ Primary Services:

Managed Backups - We custom build applications to backup your systems, these can include anything from integrity checking to block level copies.

Security Reviews - Our dedicated technicians provide custom security requires specific to your adult website, we manually review all applications and review all existing authentication details to ensure your private areas stay private.

Log Analysis - Our dedicated technicians monitor and audit your systems logs and firewall logs.

Service Optimization - Performance reviews and optimization to ensure you receive the best possible performance out of your system.

Proactive Security / Patch Management - An outdated operating system or service is an invitation for trouble. We make sure trouble never gets the opportunity to strike by updating your server proactively.

Proactive Intensive Monitoring - Our service monitoring ensures you won't be caught off guard by faulty or failing services. We build specific monitoring points tailored to your application.

Email Failover - As part of our webmaster package we provide Backup MX Records for 10 domains meaning you will never lose another email.

Performance Analysis / Capacity Monitoring - Dedicated technicians consistently monitor and review your environment to prevent issues before they arise. Our innoative technologies and skilled technicians ensure you have the correct infastructure to handle growth.

Choose Your Service Type...

  • Webmasters: concentrate on running your site; we'll concentrate on running your server
  • Adult Webmasters: server speed and performance are critical to your business
  • Ecommerce Sites: AdminGeekZ is your insurance policy against downtime/lost business
  • vBulletin Forums: large forums can become difficult to keep online, AdminGeekZ specialises vBulletin setups, management, optimization and migration

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